Not Gaudi tiles

Not Gaudi tiles!

Written by Vera Ciria

Although I was born in Barcelona, I grew up in Toronto, Canada. I’ve been back here for the last 8 years.

Sometimes I get the feeling that people think that Barcelona is only football, cheap drinks, beaches and Gaudi, but it really does encompass so much more. I do find it lacking sometimes in it’s diversity of cultural offerings and not up to par with other European cities, but that’s what I hope to rectify with this blog. There are hidden treasures in the form of events, places to see and things to do, restaurants not to miss and shops that are very different.

Barcelona will never be a London, or a Berlin, not even a Madrid, but it has it’s own way, it’s own place in the scheme of things.

I don’t pretend to enlighten, just to share my thoughts and there will be extra information about books, webpages, fashion and other places in the world, as I immensely enjoy writing about things that catch my eye and make me dream.